How to Choose Right Probiotics for You

Five criteria to consider when choosing a probiotic supplement are
  1. Probiotic Strain: Research the strain used in your probiotic so you know how it can help your digestive system.
  2. Effective Dosing: Choosing a probiotic with the highest number of CFUs doesn’t guarantee its effectiveness; what’s important is choosing the strain that can give you the benefits you need.
  3. Proof of Benefit: Look for the specific strain on the packaging of the probiotic you’re considering.
  4. Packaging: The probiotic bacteria need to be alive when they reach your gut. Otherwise, you will not receive any benefits. That’s why packaging is key to choosing the best probiotic for you.
  5. Recommendations: Among scientists and medical professionals, some probiotics have a better reputation than others, consider choosing one of them.