Why people choose align probiotics

Why People Choose Align Probiotics

At Align, we stand behind our products. Whether you take Align DualBiotic Gummies for a daily boost to your health,* or Align 24/7 Digestive Support§ to help with your occasional digestive upsets,* we want you to feel like Align is there for you.

Find out why users of Align choose our products every day.

“I love Align so much.”

Cody said Align helped his digestive health so well that it changed his life. At times he used to worry about leaving his house for long periods of time. Thanks to Align, he has confidence that he can explore new places without worrying about his gut.

“I actually started taking [Align] and I’ve been taking it now for at least two years; it’s by far the best option I’ve had… Make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to make sure you’re being yourself all the time and nothing’s dragging you down. Because of Align, I can go anywhere and do whatever I want, without having to worry in the back of mind that I’m going to have an issue later on.’”

“I really believe in Align.”

Glenda lives an active life, working and taking care of her grandson. She can’t keep up if her digestive system weighs her down. That’s where Align comes in. Align helped Glenda maintain her digestive health.* That way she can keep up with her job and her grandson.

“Align did come up on my search as a good quality probiotic and so, I did buy it and started taking it, and it has helped me tremendously. I really feel like it’s helped my digestive health, I really believe in it, and take them every single day.”

“Align is a reputable name.”

Nick was experiencing occasional digestive issues, now Align helps keep those in check. What helped him decide? A recommendation from his doctor. Now, it’s been four years since Nick started taking probiotics.

“I’m not the first one to jump into a doctor’s office… I’m very stubborn. It’s just totally embarrassing, you can’t go out and have a genuine time with your friends or your wife. So it finally led up to me going to seeing a GI doctor. And knowing Align is a reputable name, I went straight over the counter, taking their advice, I bought it. I've been on it religiously for several years now, and it’s life changing.”

“Overall my health has improved by adding [Align] to my regimen.”

You know that feeling when your pants that fit perfectly two days ago, but now they are too tight? Catherine knows the feeling. That's why she started taking Align Probiotics, to help with the occasional bloating.*

“If somebody else was having a lot of gut health issues, I would definitely recommend that they try Align… Give it a try and see how you feel, because I think once you start taking a probiotic, you’re not going to want to stop.”

“[Align] enabled me to enjoy life.”

Dustin and his wife are DIY people—gardening in the summer, household projects in the winter. That’s what they find joy in. But that joy was in jeopardy because of Dustin's gut issues. That's why Align is so important for Dustin.

“Knowing I have a healthy gut, a healthy GI tract, means that I can spend time with my family. It means that I can go to work every day, earn the income I need to. Not needing to worry about myself, knowing that I’m in good health, it helps me know that I’ll be able to help my family when they need it.”

“I’m doing something good for my gut.”

Julie, a certified diabetes educator and dietician, tries to stay on top of health trends, and thanks to a doctor recommendation, began taking Align. Her Align Journey is similar to so many others—finding peace of mind when it comes to digestive health.

"The main reason I think Align gives me confidence is because my gastroenterologist likes the product, and I really like my gastroenterologist a lot, so I really trust what he said. So I think when you have something recommended by your doctor, it elevates it right there.”

“[Align] has made my life a whole lot better.”

Sometimes Roderick is on his feet for 12 hours a day. That’s the life of a nursing student. It’s chaotic and it requires intense focus. Before Align, Roderick’s days were even tougher. On top of all his duties in the hospital, he had to worry about the occasional digestive issues that came up. Thankfully, Roderick found Align. Align helps him while he helps others.

“It’s all about managing that comfort level. I don’t have to worry about, ‘Man, am I going to have to go to the restroom here shortly?’ [Align has] just made my life a whole lot better. Align is such an awesome product, I definitely would recommend it.

Why choose Align?

Align has 20+ years of research supporting the brand, high-quality manufacturing process, and expertly-engineered packaging. All of this lets you confidently choose the Pro in Probiotics to either maintain your digestive health* with our gummies or help with occasional abdominal discomfort, gas and bloating* with Align 24/7 Digestive Support.

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Can I get enough probiotics from food instead?

It’s possible, but it may be difficult to get enough probiotics from food in your daily regimen to make a difference in your microbiome. Plus, most foods with live cultures do not actually contain strains that have any evidence they provide specific health benefits.

Sometimes the heat used in food production can kill the bacteria in a food with live cultures. Meaning, many fermented foods don’t deliver any health benefits, and therefore are not actually probiotics. On the other hand, a reliable supplement like Align is designed to make sure the good bacteria remain alive so they can truly help support your healthy gut.*
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